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All about the press distribution market in France

The press distribution market in France is organised by law around a principle of cooperation and  operates on three levels :

  • Press messaging :  MLP is one of the three companies which distributes publications nationally.
  • An intermediary network : press wholesalers : They play a central role in the transfer of information between publishers and retailers. They also supply newsagents with the press allocated to them by the three express services and some publishers, notably the Regional Daily Press. They are not in competition with each other and have exclusive distribution rights for a given geographic area.
  • Press retailers (newsagents) : The retailer's role is defined by the wholesaler/retailer contract. Newsagents may only acquire publications from the depositary, who is exclusively responsible for the distribution of its publications.

If you are a foreign publisher, you may be interested in distributing your magazines on the French market, then contact us by mail  international.facilities@mlp.fr or by phone +33(0)

If you are a foreign distributor and are interested in developing your publication offer in your own country, then please contact the export team export@mlp.fr or by phone +33 (0)

About us

Messageries Lyonnaises de Presse is a French limited liability cooperative, governed by the laws of France, notably French law dated April 2nd 1947 which provides for the organisation of press distribution in France, as well as by the provisions of the French Commercial Code relating to commercial companies, having as its corporate purpose the groupage, distribution and transport of press products entrusted to it by its Members and clients.

We distribute 3,410 magazines and around 12,400 issues per year in France.

600 publishers trust MLP for the distribution of their products in France and overseas.